During my undergraduate days, I have worked in the field of Cryptography, specifically in the area of stream ciphers. I have interned at Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore during the summers followed by a 1-year thesis at ISI Kolkata, on various fault, side-channel and Time-Memory-Data Tradeoff (TMDTO) Attacks on stream and block ciphers. Relevant works have been published in leading conferences and journals.


Cryptanalysis using Machine Learning

  1. Finding Fault Locations With Machine Learning: Case Study With CLX-128. (Under Review)
    Used Deep Neural Networks to identify fault locations in a stream cipher.

Cryptography & Cryptanalysis

  1. A TMDTO Attack Against Lizard, IEEE Transactions on Computers (Journal)
    Cryptanalysis of stream cipher Lizard with a time complexity faster than brute-force search.

  2. A Differential Fault Attack on Plantlet, IEEE Transactions on Computers (Journal)
    Demonstrated a Differential Fault Attack on Plantlet with minimum fault requirements.

  3. Certain Observations on ACORN v3 and Grain v1 - Implications Towards TMDTO Attacks, Journal of Hardware and Systems Security (Journal)
    An extended work of conditional TMDTO attack on ACORN v3 and Grain v1.

  4. Differential Fault Attack on SIMON with Very Few Faults and minimal assumptions, INDOCRYPT 2018 (Conference)
    Showed how block ciphers can also be vulnerable to fault attacks, like stream ciphers.

  5. Differential Fault Attack on Grain v1, ACORN v3 and Lizard, SPACE 2017 (Conference)
    Mounted fault attacks on popular stream ciphers using numerous optimizations.

  6. Certain Observations on ACORN v3 and the Implications to TMDTO Attacks, SPACE 2017 (Conference).
    Cryptanalysis of ACORN v3 using SAT solving techniques.

  7. Differential fault attack on hardware stream ciphers -- A technical survey, RICAM Special Semester (Conference).
    A survey of various fault attack techniques employed to cryptanalyze stream ciphers.