1. Pinning Accents: Accent Classification using Machine Learning
    Classifying different dialects of English language using K-means, CNN and Bidirectional-LSTMs.

  2. Nailed it: Selecting the most relevant thumbnail for a video
    Based on features developed on aesthetics and relevance, clustering and random forests is implemented.

  3. FindMyAir: An Intelligent Trip Planning Algorithm
    Searching for an optimal Airbnb accomodation and travel plan for a given set of parameters.

  4. Facenet with Privacy Preserving Biometric Authentication
    Facial recognition using Google's Facenet, keeping in mind, the server gains no information about the client.

  5. ANN-aided fault location identification for stream ciphers
    Implemented Artificial Neural Networks to find fault locations in a stream cipher (waiting for publication).

  6. Surfboard - Surf the web, only using your keyboard!
    Developed a web extension in Javascript to help differently-abled browse the web only using a keyboard.